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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

||| Happy Anniversary Sayang |||

Thank you for being my love..
Thank you for loving me..
Thank you for giving me this love..
Thank you for always being here for me..
Thank you for keep calling me baby..
Thank you for telling me that I'm cute..

I love when you raised me up when I was down..
I happy when you hug me and let me cry on your shoulder when I was sad..

There won't be anyone else as special as you are..
It's very hard for someone to get my heart after you..
No one else could replace you when you're gone..

Listen to me..
I won't leaving you until the day has come..
I won't stop loving you until my last breath..
I won't make you cry because it will hurt me..

Hope our love will last forever...
I love you so much!!!


5 bicara yang baik hati...:

A j u E said... Reply To This Comment

i love you too baby!
wah....perasan sekejap..

CikYana(",) said... Reply To This Comment


sooo romantic

sooo sweet

how lucky she is


Hezesuze said... Reply To This Comment

erkkkkk...bleh akak copy paste tak ayat2 tu...ekeke

very the touching words la...i luv u tooooo....CINTA ....ekeke

<< s| tED| >> said... Reply To This Comment

huh!!! Untuk akukah???

rizz said... Reply To This Comment

happy aniversary both of u!:)