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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Exclusively for SAYAPIANS!!!

Hey Sayapians!!! I'm here to give you something as an appreciation from the bottom of my heart. Nah, take this postcard, exclusively just for you from the hottest guy of the year. Cewah!!!

Wah, HOT ker..?

For Zoul, the Tauke of Sepang Circuit!

This one is for Wanie, the All Time Diva!

Just for Rizz, the Supermodel...

Here for you Remy, the Queen of Vitamin C!!

Only for Nuar, the Kampung Boy...

Mmuah for my cute twin, Anis, the Muslimah Diva!!!

And last but not least for Ajim, the Duke from France!!!

Owhhhh, there are so lovely, aren't they? Nice pic yah?!! How can I do that? Very easy ma... Let me reveal the secret. I'm just edit all those pics from here...


Don't forget to try!!!

11 bicara yang baik hati...:

rizz said... Reply To This Comment

huaaaaaaaaa i like taww..cntek sgt hihikkkk

you are now in my zone said... Reply To This Comment

hakhakhak...mentang2 haku kampung, dia letaknya kat bangunan baru nak siap...siap pojie! awas....grrrrr...hikhikhik...pecah pewot! :D

Duke Luce Dell'amore said... Reply To This Comment

hakhakhak..maceh nek!terharunya!
pic yg besar dipasang kat pagar!very the!

Ari Adzrin said... Reply To This Comment

nice photo laaa pooh...
tp nk komen sket...kite as muslim mane bleh greet or wish merry christmas...coz christmas ni bkaitan dgn agama...so seolah2 u ol pn mcm dey ol gak...
peace v('-')v

[yAN!e][pUTraJAya] said... Reply To This Comment

alamak poojie...
oic yg atas sekali tu...

SEKSI arr..keekke....


aper2 pun...comel semua pic2 kamoo....


||| PöJìé PööH ||| said... Reply To This Comment

Tantek kan!
Tgok la saper yg buat..

Xde maknernyer..
Dh itu pic yg ssuai..

Pic 2bintang ok..
Smpai kne cium ngan peminat kiki lagik!
Awww!! Sah diorang less tau!

Thanks for the adv Ari
Sori maybe i a bit jahil about this
Tp i just greet and no other intention..
Hope it won't touch my faith at all..

Sexy ker..?
Ala mana ada..

aiZouL diSiSi... said... Reply To This Comment

wahhh..thanks pojie
sgt tharu..
mgesat tetesan air mata ku..

||| PöJìé PööH ||| said... Reply To This Comment

Wah katanyer!!!

wénkt said... Reply To This Comment

i mmg menanti nk tgk yg anuar dgn ajim


Preppy Guy said... Reply To This Comment

wah pojie..u r so sweet...untung kawan kawan pojie dpat u as their friend..no just sweet,but caring lak tu...:-))



||| PöJìé PööH ||| said... Reply To This Comment

Knp nk sgt tgok Nuar n Ajim punyer..
Diva ker diorang..?

Untung ker jd kwn Pojie?
Alhmdulillah la klo mcm tuh!
Klo Preppy rasa yg sm gak bagus sudah..
Pojie hepi ble dpt wat kwn² hepi..