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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My boyfriend. My sugardaddy...

I have a boyfriend,
there's nothing to hide for.
living with him make me smile each and everyday,
getting him close to me make me feel great,
hugging and kissing him make me feel so bless.

My sugardaddy,
giving me everything I want,
letting me have everything I've dreamed for,
till one day I realize his love is more than I needed.

The one and only, forever he will be for me.
He is my coach,
He is my supervisor,
He is my advisor,
He is my king,

 He is everything to me...
Happy Father's Day!!!

P/S: To my Abah Abdullah dan Abah Sulaiman, love you!

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DanieL AdiE said... Reply To This Comment

Love U daddy...

Natasha said... Reply To This Comment

wahhh!!!dah ada 2 abah