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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When there's a passion...

I've received an email with a video attachment of a ballet show by two disabled people from one of my . It shows what passion and determination can bring forth. It is really amazing and touching moment when watching to this video. Pls watch and feel the passion of dance and love between these two dancers. Thanks to Masz.

p/s: Pojie beberapa kali mengelap airmata yang bergenang, sayu sgt... What a beautiful dance and love...

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Duke Luce Dell'amore said... Reply To This Comment

OMG!!tarian dowg sgt hebat!!jim kagum!
nek!jom nangis!!nk kongsi tisu leh tak??wink2!(motip kongsi bagai??)

you are now in my zone said... Reply To This Comment

ngee :)

PöJìé PööH... Mulanya di sini... said... Reply To This Comment

Ajim & Anuar;
Sedih la wei..
Terasa nak menari gak nih ngan Kasih!
Tp zapin, bleh??