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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Nih gedik tau Nuar nak tag Pojie ngan soalan² paparazzi nih. Sibuk jer. Xpelah since Pojie tau ini xakan berlaku, so apa salahnyer klo kita berangan² ia akan berlaku kan. Berangan nk bg ex Pojie sentap seribu bahasa. Huhuhuh... Rasain!!!

1. hi,how r ya?

2. hey!you wanna go to mall?
No thanks.. (bersikap dingin)

3. i love you...
Sorry, come again...

4. do you want some cookies?
No thanks...

5. can you take me a picture?
Sorry, I can't even know how to snap a picture of person who dumbed me!

6. help me in my homework!
Who do you think I am?!!

7. here's my gift to you
Hah, no thanks. I can buy it by myself... (kekwat nih!)

8. lets just be textmates?
If only I'm freakin free to reply your text.

9. do u want me to buy you an ipod?
iPod? I already got one. Thanks ya (dalam ati, mau²... nak kaler ijo epal!!!)

10. let's sit together in the bus.
Bus..? What is that? Oh, that's my driver, waiting to pick me up and that is my dad's new merce (aiyo... sentap!!!)

11. hi baby....
Who is your baby?

12. you still cute...
Am I? Nope, I'm cuter after clashed with you...

13. i still love you
Buat² xdgr sambil terus esey² angkat phone dgn gaya manja sambil bermonolog, "Yes dear, missing me? You love me? Me too. What? Willing to pick me up with your red Fairlady for a dinner? Of course I do love that!!!" (skali kan!!!!)

14. can i visit your house??
What for? (sambil menjeling dan membeliakkan mata Ida Nerina kepadanya...)

15. do u love me?
Me..? You should know the answer after u left me!

Follow these instructions:
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1. nobody
2. nobody

3. nobody
4. nobody
5. nobody

3 bicara yang baik hati...:

you are now in my zone said... Reply To This Comment

jawapan no.3 tu dah terbayang reaksi muka pojie sebut statement tuh...wakakaka :p kemain ;)

miss galaxy said... Reply To This Comment

jwpn 13 2
kak rose nbak buat...siannya kat my ex kan..hehehe

PöJìé PööH... Mulanya di sini... said... Reply To This Comment

Nuar & Anis;
Yg penting gaya kne kekwat
Wat muka penuh ego..
Nak ajar..? Meh cini!