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Friday, January 16, 2009

AWARD 2008 by Wanz Imran

Crown yg tantek dan molek klo letak atas paler Pojie nih, hehehe...
Nih tag dari Wan Imranz. Pojie xkenal sgt dia ni since xpnh borak² pun. Btw, thanks dear...

AWARD 2008

Best day Award – Glam & Sexy Birthday Party

Best Memory Award – Sayap Gathering

Best Friend Award – All my friends

Best Enemy Award [got meh? ada pun xpenah anggap musuh]

Song of The Year – Ku Mahu (Siti Nurhaliza)

Movie of the year - Transformers

Male Singer of the year - Faizal Tahir

Female singer of the year – Stacy AF6

Duo/Band of the year – Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

Actor of the year - Aaron Aziz

Actress of the year – Sheila Rusly

TV programe of the year - Kasihku Seru

DJ of the year – Fara Fauzana

TV host of the year – Aznil Hj Nawawi

Scandal of the year - D***d

Best Hang Out Spot – Mentari Court

Best Cinema – GSC Pavilion

Best Eating Place – Sup Meletop, Salak Selatan

Best Bowling Spot – Mid Valley

Best Bookshop - Kinokuniya

Best Shopping Spot - KLCC, Mid Valley, Bukit Bintang, Downtown (ngee...)

Best Karaoke Spot – RedBox

Mostly Done Activity - Listening to the music...

Best Websitehttp://anuarkamaruddin.blogspot.com/ (spedo nampak! eh, mmg btol la...)

Other awards you would like to give - No idea so far...

The most shocking news – My grandmother passed away (kot...)

Best Things that happen Me & Kasih

The worst moments – Admitted to hospital for appendix operation...

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Remy.com said... Reply To This Comment




||| PöJìé PööH ||| said... Reply To This Comment

Nice guess tapi salah la dear..

rizz said... Reply To This Comment

sape la skandal iteww hehe bg hint cpt:p hahhaa

myZone | When Anuar opens to public said... Reply To This Comment



do do cheng

do re mi fa so la ti do


adie_kun said... Reply To This Comment

wahhhh.. crown tuh..


siap ada award2 kan..
kelesss.. hehe


||| PöJìé PööH ||| said... Reply To This Comment

Rizz & Nuar;
Sebok sajak..
Xleh tau..
Kang sure masuk Melodi nanti klo Nuar tau!
Dia dah la duta Media Prima


WaNz iMraN said... Reply To This Comment

memang xpernah tego pojie..
jadik silent reader sajork..
have a good day :)