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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tweet and #TeaWithPojie at Mines Cruise!

Hi Pojiepeeps,

Finally after been thinking for quite some times, now I am inviting you guys to have a tea-time with me. Yeah, It's my treat, at Mines Cruise. It gonna be awesome!

You guys exciting about this? Can't wait to have a view of Mines Lake while having a tea? Imagine a cruise surrounded by water; enjoy the splendor of tranquil setting lakes and green forests on quick nimble vessels. It’s truly a paradise in the heart of the city. So, no worries. What you have to do is very simple, just copy the statement below and tweet! That's all;

Just tweet #TeaWithPojie, like on.fb.me/spJqAX & follow @pojiepooh 
a chance to have a tea-time at Mines Cruise. bit.ly/sNpOR6

10 lucky friends who tweets, follows my twitter and fb page will get an exclusive merchandise and the luckiest 2 of them will get the invitation for the #TeaWithPojie. You can tweet how many times you want but the chance will be just once. I will select the lucky friends randomly right after the I close this offer on Thursday, 11.59 pm. So hurry up, you have less than 3 days. 

Copy and tweet now!

One and only,

7 bicara yang baik hati...:

joegrimjow said... Reply To This Comment

ALAA, 26 ada hal la plak!!

Eazy Izzuddin said... Reply To This Comment

pasti join..
insyallah ;)

Nisa Kay said... Reply To This Comment

yeahhh dah tweet!
aritu terlepas #karokwithpojie
kali ni betul-betul nakkkk join tea time nih :(

Umar Arlee said... Reply To This Comment

wah! sure meriah ni..

Liyana Lunia said... Reply To This Comment

alaaaaaaaaaa sabtu ni ke -.- tapi takpa tweet jgk walaupun ynn xde HAAHA eh eh eh belanja macarons x? aumaumm

Jericho said... Reply To This Comment

Teringin juga nak join2 tapi jauh sangat..

Oasis said... Reply To This Comment


Tapi sabtu ni i follow hsnate gi JoHor