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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination


Just realized that Nuffnang Malaysia is doing a contest for the Premiere Screening - Final Destination: Rest in Pieces since August 15. I love contest especially when offering something like this. Plus, it's really simple to join. Just snap your pic in a horrified state and.. Nah! Can u see my horrified face??! Is it horrified to get the invitation for the screening? I hope so! Hehehe..

After that, just send an email to finaldestination@nuffnang.com with the permalink of your blog post. Dun forgte to put your full name and details. Isn't it simple?

Ohhh, btw I really don't like my face in these pictures. Really bad and horrfied. So, I don't want to rest in pieces like Final Destination coz my face will no more like these but much² horrify. Huhu..


5 bicara yang baik hati...:

myQza said... Reply To This Comment

huh! dasyat penangannya..

joegrimjow said... Reply To This Comment

skrg ade jerawat

Corey said... Reply To This Comment

huhu belum cukup ekspressi lagi tu. emo lagi!

smatgul said... Reply To This Comment

muka tahan berak sebab perot macam gajah...*Cak cak *CAK

farish izaryl @izreez said... Reply To This Comment

ahah kemaen lgekk mata tu hahaha